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Coming in the Future!

Certification is a key element toward accomplishing the vision, mission and purposes of AAP. As an independent association made up of professionals from industry, academia and airworthiness authorities, AAP has chosen Certification as a future initiative. AAP desires to facilitate the creation of Standards of Certification, and oversee the administration of certified airworthiness professionals, certified airworthiness companies, and the processes by which individuals and companies receive certification.


Members of AAP pay dues each year and enjoy full member benefits. The AAP Board of Directors set 2016 dues at the following amounts for 12 calendar months of membership:

  • Professional Member - $135
  • Student Member - $40
  • Corporate Members
    • Platinum   $10,000
    • Gold         $5,000
    • Silver        $2,500
See our Become a Member page for an explanation of the benefits afforded to our members.

Join us as we fulfill the vision, mission and purposes of AAP. Join NOW by selecting the JOIN button at the top right of this page.


Coming Soon

AAP desires to publish papers and periodicals relevant to airworthiness in industry, government and academia. Our Publications Committee welcomes papers from all members in good standing and, after a review and successful approval process by the Committee, publishes on this website. Watch for important announcements about upcoming publications and the Publications Committee.  AAP has a goal to publish our first 6 papers in 2016.

Professional Development

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One purpose of AAP is Leading the Future of Airworthiness by Establishing AAP as the Defining and Driving Source for Airworthiness Standards and Initiatives. That can only be done by highly trained, motivated and ethical airworthiness professionals. Join us as we establish avenues for professional development and as we offer education and resources to grow and enhance your career. Join AAP by selecting the JOIN button at the top of this page.


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AAP has identified mentoring as a significant contributor to the careers of future airworthiness professionals. Consequently, one of our purposes Educating, Mentoring and Certifying Airworthiness Professionals. Watch for future announcements as AAP establishes our mentoring system. Better yet, would you like to help us set up our systems and become a mentor? Join AAP by selecting the JOIN button at the top of this page.


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As shown in our Mentoring topic, AAP considers education of its members as an essential element of professional growth. Join us as we establish educational materials and new and innovative ways to distribute materials and courseware.

Job Opportunities

Coming in the Future

Openings in your company? Or are you seeking a position, why not let AAP help. But first you must help AAP. Join and help us set up our Job Opportunities system so that all AAP members benefit! Join AAP by selecting the JOIN button at the top of this page.


Coming in the Future

AAP fulfills one of our purposes byPromoting and Facilitating Dialogue among all Constituents. Be among the first to blog about topics that are important to AAP. Join now and help us bring our blog network into reality. Join AAP by selecting the JOIN button at the top of this page.


Coming in the Future

Ever need someone to stand up for you? Let AAP be your voice by serving as an Independent Clearinghouse for all Airworthiness Initiatives and bridging industry, government, and individuals to achieve common benefit. Join us as we grow our membership and gain our voice of influence in Airworthiness! Join AAP by selecting the JOIN button at the top of this page.


Recognition of Individuals, Students, and Industry for Excellence in Airworthiness, Expertise, and for Significant Contributions in the field of Airworthiness is an essential part of the AAP Vision. AAP Fosters Innovation and Excellence in Airworthiness as we recognize our members who have given unique and noteworthy contributions to our profession. Join us as we seek to elevate the Airworthiness Profession and recognize the contributions made to Humankind and the Science of Flight through promotion of Airworthiness in Industry, Government and Individuals.

Local Chapters

Coming, but not yet on the horizon! We are just starting our FIRST national chapter. We envision Regional, Local and Student Chapters across the country but we also know that takes time and a lot of work by dedicated members. Won’t you help us as we grow and fulfill our purposes? Join AAP by selecting the JOIN button at the top of this page.