The Association of Airworthiness Professionals (AAP) was founded in November of 2015 as a non-profit corporation with a vision to foster Innovation and Excellence in Airworthiness and a Mission to Advance and Promote airworthiness in industry, government, academia and individuals.  AAP is a member run organization overseen by a board of directors and led by an elected slate of officers.

The AAP purposes, accomplished by dedicated individual, student and corporate members, include:

  • Development and promotion of standardization and consistency in Airworthiness
  • Educating, Mentoring and Certifying Airworthiness Professionals
  • Bridging industry, government and individuals to achieve a common benefit
  • Assuring and Promoting Integrity in the field of Airworthiness
  • Partnering with Academia to educate and grow future airworthiness professionals

We welcome and encourage your participation. Join us as we make a difference in the future of airworthiness and aviation.

AA&S 2021
Join AAP and your fellow Airworthiness professionals in Bonita Springs, FL August 16-19, 2021! This will be both an in-person and virtual conference this year. Please consider submitting a paper to the conference. Abstracts are due on May 14, 2021. Please refer to this link to submit.
Thank You!
AAP would like to recognize Mr. Jorge Gonzalez and Mr. Joel Ligon for their service to AAP and the AAP Board of Directors. Jorge and Joel provided exceptional service to the Board and were ardent supporters of AAP and the AAP vision and mission. AAP wishes them and their families well in their future endeavors and as they begin new stages of life. Thank You from all of us at the Association of Airworthiness Professionals!

AAP Newsletter Published
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AAP Welcomes ESG as a Silver Corporate Member
ESG has joined AAP as the first Silver Corporate Member!
Attention All Members
Lunch and Learn materials are now available on the Membership Committee page. Information for both Professional and Corporate memberships is available. All members are encouraged to review the materials, customize for your place of work or influence, and host a lunch a learn with those who work airworthiness in your sphere of influence. Please feel free to contact President Don Roberts for additional information or Denna Mason to obtain handout materials for your Lunch and Learn. Thank you all members for what you do to spread the message of AAP!
Congratulations Jill Jennewine - AAP's First Honorary Member
At the Annual Member Meeting held in Phoenix at the Aircraft Airworthiness and Sustainment Conference, AAP recognized Ms. Jill Jennewine as the First Association of Airworthiness Professionals Honorary Member. Jill’s support and promotion has helped to secure AAP as a significant organization in the Airworthiness Community.AAP is proud to recognize Jill as our first Honorary Member.

Serve Humankind and the Science of Flight through advancement and promotion of Airworthiness in Industry, Government and Individuals

Foster Innovation and Excellence in Airworthiness 

The AAP purpose includes:

1. Leading the Future of Airworthiness by Establishing AAP as the Defining and Driving Source for Airworthiness Standards and Initiatives

2. Developing and Promoting Standardization through joint industry, individual and government working committees

3. Promoting Consistency of application and effort in all Airworthiness initiatives

4. Educating, mentoring, developing current and future airworthiness practitioners, and recognizing Airworthiness professionals

5. Educating and Mentoring Future Airworthiness Professionals through partnership with Colleges and Universities by developing curriculum and courses of study

6. Promoting and Facilitating Dialogue among all Constituents

7. Serving as an Independent Clearinghouse for all Airworthiness Initiatives by bridging industry, government, and individuals to achieve common benefit

8. Assuring and Promoting Integrity in Airworthiness

9. Promoting the safety of flight throughout the world

Next AAP Meeting
The next AAP meeting has been tentatively scheduled for:
13 April 2021, 1pm CST!
Invite will be emailed to members to join via webex.
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AAP Welcomes ESG Elektroniksystem-und Logistik-Gmbh as a Silver Corporate Member! 

AAP Welcomes Lockheed Martin as a Platinum Corporate Member!