Recognized Airworthiness Professional
AAP seeks to educate, mentor and recognize Airworthiness Professionals. AAP envisions establishing airworthiness professional standards and recognition paths such that airworthiness professionals can obtain the recognition and prestige of becoming a Recognized Airworthiness Professional. Join and help us develop the process and standards by which a member achieves recognition.

Recognized Airworthiness Corporation
What better place for a Recognized Airworthiness Professional to work but at a Recognized Airworthiness Corporation. AAP envisions establishing rigorous standards and processes to which a company would be assessed and if the company meets the qualifications, is deemed a Recognized Airworthiness Corporation. Join and help us define and develop the standards and the process by which company members achieve recognition.

Recognized Airworthiness Examiner
How is an individual or company assessed to be recognized? By Recognized Airworthiness Examiners of course! AAP envisions an advanced level of Recognized Airworthiness Professional, that of the Recognized Airworthiness Examiner, who is qualified not only to assess company airworthiness practices, but also to administer the process for individuals to become Recognized Airworthiness Professionals. Join us and take your first step toward recognition!

Student Recognition 
Although most students are not in the airworthiness professional workforce, an entry level student recognition is also envisioned by AAP. Details must still be worked but AAP sees this as a way to draw young professionals into the exciting world of airworthiness. If you like working with college students, join us as we define the Student Recognition requirements and introduce them to colleges and universities throughout the country.